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let's pack our bags and find our own way.

dreamer first, writer second, artist sometimes.
1994/05/11. HOTTEST, IGOT7, inspirit, ELF. ♥
i'm largely inactive on livejournal but i try.

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last updated: 10 june 2015

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alternate angel actors, balloons burning bright, cold candied compromises, dancing dreams drowning, earth's edges ending, facing fears for freedom, gullible guardian guide, hating heaven's hell, indigo iced imagination, junho, kisses keeping kryptonite, lying liars loving (love), making mixed memories, nearing neverland never, outerspace octopus ...origami, piling painted pictures, quitting quiet questions, racing rusted rainbows, screaming secrets silently still, timelessly taped tears torn, unchanging utopia under umbrellas, visiting vain valentines, weightless wired wings, x ≠ ♥, yearning yesterdays' years, zigzagging zephyr zombies